Professional Educational Consultants for College Counseling

For many high school students senior year is supposed to be fun. However, anyone who has applied to college and gone through the ritual of drafting a personal statement knows that there is little fun involved in this process. For most high school students, their GPA and standardized test scores are already established by the time they apply for college. The personal statement is the only part of the application process that allows the applicant a forum to provide additional insight for the admissions committee into that ever important question of "who they are as an applicant." With increasing competition for college admissions, a well written personal statement can be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

At NCC we assist our Clients in making the process of drafting a personal statement less stressful, so that they can get back to enjoying the fun of senior year.


Basic Essay Review Package - $75.00

Designed for Clients who are close to submitting their college application, but want a review of their personal statement essay for style and content. This service includes one review of the personal statement essay with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. * Essays limited to 2 pages (single spaced) or less.

Advanced Essay Review Package - $175.00

Designed for Clients who may need additional assistance in drafting a personal statement. This service includes an individual phone consultation to develop essay ideas and discuss feedback, two rounds of review and edits, and as an added bonus an extracurricular activities resume template which allows Clients to detail academic honors, school activities, and community service involvement. This resume will make a great supplement to any college or scholarship application. * Essays limited to 2 pages (single spaced) or less.