Resume and Cover Letter Consulting Services

If you have ever visited a movie theater, chances are you have sat through multiple previews for upcoming films prior to the start of your movie. Most times, often within seconds, you have made up your mind whether you want to see the movie based on the presentation of the preview. A good preview generally leads you to want to see the actual movie because something that you saw sparked your interest, made you want to know more, or was aligned with your interests.

When it comes to the hiring process, your cover letter is viewed in the same light as that movie preview. In today's job market a well written cover letter is just as important as a resume. With increased competition for every available position, employers have a limited amount of time to review a candidate's cover letter and decide whether they want to invest additional time reviewing the accompanying resume. For many job seekers, a poorly written cover letter can eliminate them from a prospective job even before their resume has been reviewed. Don't let your cover letter stand in the way of your next job opportunity. Let NCC help you create a cover letter that highlights your work experience and captures the next recruiter's attention.


Cover Letter Only Package - $65.00

This service is designed for the Client who wants a revised cover letter that that highlights their positive work experience and relevant job skills.

Resume Only Package - $200.00

This service includes a consultation and revised resume.

Cover Letter /Resume Combo Package - $250.00

Clients purchasing both cover letter and resume packages will receive a special discount.